Dental Fillings

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Dental Fillings and the Restoration of Teeth

People who get dental cavities will need dental fillings. A damaged tooth will be restored structurally when a patient gets a filling, and the patient will be able to fully use the tooth again.

Dental fillings can be made from a number of different materials. Composite resin dental fillings are common, and so are porcelain and silver amalgam fillings. Some fillings will be more expensive than others, and it will all depend on the exact filling material.

Dental Fillings Solve Problems

Experiencing a minor amount of tooth decay is fairly normal, especially for the people who do not follow proper oral hygiene procedures. The people who do not get regular dental checkups will run into similar issues. It’s important for people to treat tooth decay before it becomes serious, and dental fillings will make that possible.

The people who have experienced minor tooth decay in the form of cavities will have a number of different symptoms as a result. They’ll have sensitive teeth and aching teeth. It might be uncomfortable for them to eat hot or cold food, or consume hot or cold beverages. Having teeth that are that sensitive can have a major effect on a person’s basic habits, and getting dental fillings can help people get their lives back to normal.

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Dental Fillings and Expectations

The process of getting a tooth filled shouldn’t be all that time-consuming. The appointment will typically last for about an hour. The dentists might need to take x-rays, but this will not always be required for cases of minor tooth decay.

The teeth and the gums will still have to be numbed during the procedure, since it can still get uncomfortable. It typically won’t be painful, however, so people shouldn’t worry too much about that side of things. The decayed sections of the tooth will be drilled out, and the dentist will then inject the dental filling material. The relative simplicity of this process should put people at ease, especially since there are few things that will go wrong as a result.

The White Canvas Dentistry and Dental Fillings

Even people who take care of their teeth might need dental fillings eventually. They should work with a dentist who should be able to help them maintain high dental health standards in general. Taking a risk on a new dental office might not be a good idea at that stage, especially for the patients who are looking for a very dependable dentist who can be very helpful for them. They will need to make sure that they can afford this sort of dental work, and they might have to sort out some insurance details in the process.

Set up a consultation with White Canvas today if you think you need dental fillings. Even if it turns out to be a false alarm, you’ll want to make sure that this is the case before you do anything else. Tooth decay is a problem that can be corrected. We’ll help you restore your teeth, and we’ll make sure that none of these underlying issues get any worse.

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