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Are you looking for an orthodontist in Milton? Our wonderful team of dentists here at White Canvas Dentistry are trained in orthodontics for children and Invisalign for teens and adults.

Our office is located at 604 Santa Maria Boulevard, facing on to Highway 7 between Bronte Street South & Ontario Street South across the Milton Sports Centre. We offer treatment for a variety of orthodontic issues, including:

  • Malocclusion
  • Cross bite
  • Over bite
  • Under bite
  • Crowded teeth
  • Cosmetic issues such as gaps in teeth, overlapping teeth, twisted teeth etc

Early orthodontic treatment is best as it can catch problems before they become more severe or complex and can reduce total treatment time and cost. In fact, research shows that 75% of children would benefit from some level of orthodontic care to keep their teeth healthy for life.
Regardless of age, many orthodontic problems can be treated later in life. We are so pleased to offer dental braces for adults and teens. Speak with us about your options today.

How Do Dental Braces Work?

A healthy bite is considered to be in occlusion. This means that all teeth are in their correct position, whether the jaw is at rest, or working.
When teeth are not in their correct position, this is called malocclusion.

Orthodontic treatment aims to correct malocclusion by using orthodontic appliances such as expanders, braces, arch wires, temporary anchorage devices, and retainers to move and keep teeth in their correct positions.

These appliances and braces vary in their appearance and use, but generally, they all work to apply force over a sustained period of time to gently guide teeth into occlusion.

For example, your treatment timeline maybe eighteen months. The treatment will be divided into multiple phases where initial appliances are placed for a period of 2-4 weeks, and then adjusted every 2-4 weeks thereafter, guiding the teeth to their ideal position.

At the end of treatment, a retainer may be placed to keep results optimal for life.

Your team of Milton dentists here at White Canvas Dentistry will devise a treatment plan based on your orthodontic needs. Call us today to schedule your orthodontic assessment.

Benefits Of Braces

Research shows that malocclusion can cause preventable dental problems later in life. Some examples include:

  • plaque traps around crowded or overlapping teeth that may lead to gingivitis or gum disease
  • food traps in gapped teeth that can lead to swollen gums, infections, or gum disease
  • bite problems which can cause repeated trauma to the teeth, resulting in chips known as abfractions, which weaken the tooth over time
  • overbite which may lead to the wearing, chipping and breaking of front teeth, and jaw pain
  • crowding which may lead to preventable bone loss or tooth loss

Orthodontic treatment can prevent many of these issues.

Orthodontic treatment reduces jaw pain and muscle tenderness around the jaw and face which can interrupt sleeping, eating, or socializing.
Straight teeth allow proper brushing and flossing, which supports oral health and reduces cavities and gum disease.

From a cosmetic perspective, orthodontic treatment can boost confidence and self-esteem in those who are hesitant to smile due to visible dental abnormalities. Some people who have completed braces treatment call it absolutely life-changing.

There are many benefits of dental braces treatment so please speak with us today about options for your care.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

Dentistry is a regulated profession in Ontario, and fees are set by provincial guidelines.

There are standard fees set based on the duration of treatment.

For minor cosmetic or corrective orthodontics, with a treatment timeline of up to 18 months, there is a standard fee.

For more extensive treatment, a full orthodontic fee applies.

In some cases, if additional appliances are required, some small lab and insert fees will apply.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment and the long-term preventative effect outweigh the cost of care.

If you have dental insurance, we will submit an estimate to your provider to determine what if any portion of orthodontic treatment will be covered.

To make it easy to get the care you need, we are happy to offer convenient monthly payment plans to you.

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