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Emergency Dental Services in Milton ON

Whether you are away from home, travelling out of province, or your dentist is on vacation, if you are experiencing a true emergency dental, you need same day treatment. Our Milton Ontario dentists for emergency care are here to help.

Emergency Dentist in Milton ON

White Canvas Dentistry is located at 604 Santa Maria Blvd, facing on to Highway 7 between Bronte Street South & Ontario Street South, just after the Milton District Hospital, and across the Milton Sports Centre.

We are here to serve the community at large. This means our patients, residents, and visitors to the area. You do not have to be an existing patient with us to receive emergency dental care. Anyone is welcome.

We hold appointment slots for dental emergencies every day. Call to inquire about availability. (905) 875-3990.

Do I need to go to the hospital? If your dental emergency is a result of a blow to the head that may have caused a concussion, or if you are dizzy, have blurry vision, or feel confused or “off”, or if you have other open wounds that may require stitches, it is best to proceed to the closest emergency room.  Otherwise, a dentist is best trained to treat a dental emergency. Our friendly and knowledgeable dentists offer emergency dental care in our Milton Ontario office. Call us now at (905) 875-3990. Our Address 604 Santa Maria Blvd #5, Milton, ON L9T 9L7

How To Tell If I Am Having A Emergency Dental

Some tooth pain can certainly feel urgent, but it may not be a true dental emergency. Here are some guidelines to help you handle a sudden tooth trauma or pain.

 Knocked-Out Tooth Emergency

A knocked-out tooth should be treated as an emergency.

  1. Stay calm despite the amount of blood you may be seeing.
  2. Apply pressure with a cold compress or cold wet tea bag.
  3. If possible, recover the lost tooth. Place it in cold milk or wrap it in a cold, clean wet cloth or paper towel and bring it with you.
  4. If the tooth is not fully knocked out, avoid touching or moving it. Rest the jaw slightly ajar to avoid biting down on it.
  5. Proceed to a local hospital or White Canvas Dental office with a scheduled emergency care slot. Call us at (905) 875-3990 to ask about open slots now.

Broken Tooth – Possible Emergency

A broken tooth may require emergency care or may not. It depends on the size of the break and if it is above or below the gum line. Generally, small or above the gum line breaks are not emergencies. Some large breaks and all below the gum line breaks should be treated promptly. Proceed to a local hospital or White Canvas Dental office with a scheduled emergency dental care slot. Call us at (905) 875-3990 now.

Pimple or Pus on Gums Emergency

A pimple on the gum or pus coming out of the gums usually indicates an infection which should be promptly treated with antibiotics and possible intervening dental treatment to debride the area.

It’s possible that a root canal will be required.

If the pimple or infection is grossly oversized and causing obvious facial or head swelling, proceed to your local hospital.

If the pimple or infection is isolated to the area around the tooth and not causing obvious facial or head swelling, visit the local hospital or call us to schedule your emergency dental service time slot. Call us at (905) 875-3990 now.

Tooth Sensitive To Cold – Not An Emergency

When a tooth is sensitive to cold, the probable causes are:

  • recent dental cleaning appointment which removed built up tartar, and freshly expose tooth is adjusting to air contact – this will settle in a day or two
  • gum recession – this may require gum grafting treatment – talk to your dentist at your next appointment
  • acidic foods – reduce sugar, soda, caffeine or wine intake and try a de-sensitizing toothpaste such as Sensodyne

Tooth Sensitive To Heat – Possible Emergency Dental

Sensitivity to heat can indicate an infection is present. If swelling or fever is also present, urgent care is needed. Antibiotics may be prescribed. Visit the local hospital or call us to schedule your emergency dental service time slot. Call us at (905) 875-3990 now.

Other Ontario emergency dentist services include:

  • Replacing a cosmetic crown or cap
  • Repairing a broken dental bridge
  • Repairing a denture clasp
  • Removing the root of a broken tooth
  • Emergency root canal treatment for infected tooth

Schedule Emergency Dental Treatment Now

We hold appointments for dental emergency care in Milton every day. Please call us now to inquire about an open slot. For a true emergency, we will do our best to see you and provide treatment today. Call White Canvas Dentistry in Milton today or send us an email with details of your issue now.

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